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About Us




(A)   Institute History

    The graduate institute was founded to respond to developments in special education and is based in the care of disabled people, their career development and general quality of life. Yearly enrollment for the institute is approximately 12 students, and the scope of our research covers the transition and leisure fields.

(B)   Our Aims

1.     Our courses focus on the special education curriculum and are specially designed to fit the various needs, in transition services and leisure, of disabled individuals.

2.     Our department works alongside the Teacher Education and Careers Service Office and the various departments at the university who provide our institute with inter-departmental teaching and research resources, such as its exemplary faculty, materials, and equipment.

3.     We have established very close educational relationships with many special universities around Taipei (as well as neighboring junior high and elementary schools), such as the Taipei School for the Visually Impaired, the Taipei School of Special Education, the Taipei School for the Hearing Impaired, and the Wenshan School of Special Education, to give our students and faculty the opportunity to participate in actual educational work and research.

4.     We have established an interactive support service agreement with several Taiwan-based welfare institutions for the disabled, such as the Parents’ Association for Persons with Intellectual Disability, the League of Welfare Organizations for the Disabled, the First Social Welfare Foundation, the Syin-Lu Social Welfare Foundation, the Yu-Cheng Social Welfare Foundation, the Taipei Parents Association of Autism, the Taiwan Society of Adapted Physical Activity, the Association of Transition and Leisure Education for Individuals with Disabilities, the Taipei Yangming House for the Disabled, and the San Yu Ability Development Center. Our connections provide our students and faculty with substantial opportunities to participate in actual educational work and research.

(C)   Educational Vision and Goals

1.     Educational Vision

    Our vision revolves around the training of professionals in research, education, and services concerning the transition services and leisure education of disabled individuals. We stress equally practical and theoretical training for the advancement and promotion of the global job market in the areas of transition services and leisure education, for the benefit of disabled people and their families, and for the ultimate benefit of Taiwanese society as a whole.

2.     Educational Goals

(1)    To train professionals experienced in transition services for disabled individuals

(2)    To train professionals experienced in leisure education and recreational tools for disabled individuals

(3)    To train professionals who are capable of evaluating transition services and leisure education needs for disabled individuals

(4)    To train special education teachers [special education schools (classes) and welfare institutions for disabled people]

(5)    To train special education lecturers

(6)    To train special education research workers

(7)    To train special education administrative workers

(D)   Core Abilities

    Our institute was founded to address the public good and the various needs of society. We are invested in the quality of life, health, and career development of those who have disabilities. Under that basic premise, we have created product- and service-related work and a new curriculum and incorporated the following core abilities into our department:

1.     Professional knowledge of disabilities

2.     Self-motivated learning

3.     Problem solving

4.     Teamwork